Wellness Services

Keeping your pet healthy is important to us, and regular wellness exams are the simplest and best preventative step you can take to keep your pet healthier, happier, and living longer. A wellness examination includes a thorough nose-to-tail physical examination that helps the veterinary staff access your entire pet's major organ systems and helps us to build a general health profile for your pet. Because pets' age 7 times faster than we do the health information we obtain from wellness examinations allow us to identify medical problems and other health issues earlier, thus beginning treatment of the issue before it becomes serious and begins to affect your pets' quality of life.

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    Puppy & Kitten Preventative Care Plan

    Congratulations on your new pet! Thank you for choosing us to help protect and care for the new addition to your family.  We know you want the best for your…

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    Adult Preventive Care Plan

    Adult Preventive Care Plans Keep Your Pet Healthy and Save You Money! Dogs and cats age far quicker than humans, so it is even more crucial for our companion animals…

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    Senior Preventive Care Plan

    As dogs and cats get older, they need more attention and special care. Diagnosing diseases and certain conditions early is important throughout a pet’s life, but it becomes even more…