Does your pet have health insurance? Just as you have health insurance to protect you many pet owners are now purchasing pet insurance to help them afford health care for their pet family members. At Auburn Animal Care we encourage our clients to investigate insurance options in order to determine which plan would be the best choice for their family. There are many reputable, licensed companies available, the provide coverage from liability coverage in case of accidents to full coverage with wellness care and vaccines.

Why Should You Consider Pet Health Insurance?

  • It provides a way to help ensure your pet has access to the most up-to-date technology and procedures
  • It’s a way to help pay for unexpected veterinary costs in case your pet suffers an accident, emergency, of serious illness
  • It’s a way to not only keep their beloved pet healthy, but also provide financial peace of mind

The following is a list of pet insurance companies you might like to explore:

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To learn more about which of these companies might best fit you and your pet’s needs, please follow the links above or visit their website for coverage option and quotes.

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